Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rock A Bye-Bye Baby

O.K. so he isn't a baby. He is almost eleven years old. But to me he will always be my baby. Of course if he were to read my blog he would probably die of embarassment.

We received a postcard from my church today inviting Donald and I to a "Parent's Meeting" for all parents with students moving into youth this fall. Yikes! That is us!

I'm not ready. How do I prepare? I thought trading toddlerhood for kindergarten and "big school" was tough, but am I really ready to trade childhood for middle school and youth group?

(Sigh!) I have loved every stage of Todd's life so far. I can't imagine the next one being any different.

It is just with every stage I am more and more aware that he is growing to do exactly what God created him to do. Leave home and be a mighty man of Godly integrity!


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