Friday, March 7, 2008

Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

If I followed my rainbow to find my "pot of gold", I am convinced I would find Donald sitting there. I can't imagine being any luckier than to have a husband like him. He is the sweetest man on the face of the earth. Are we the perfect couple? No. Do we have disagreements? Yes. But I am so lucky to have someone who loves me and our boys as much as Donald does.

Today is a perfect example of why I love Donald so much. Todd's school has been planning a field trip to Memphis for about three months. Donald was going to go as a chaperone. They were both so excited and could not wait. However, with the approaching weather and planned snow for Memphis today, they cancelled the field trip. I am not sure who was more disappointed when they were told -- Donald or Todd.

This morning when Donald was about to take the boys to school he told me a secret with a gleam in his eyes. "Today I am going to surprise the boys. I want to do something special for them since we are missing the field trip. I am going to pick them up in carpool and take them to Gatti Town for the afternoon."

Again -- I am not sure who will be more excited!!

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K Storm said...

I'll just bet they have a great time...what a good dad!