Tuesday, March 11, 2008

May I Take Your Order?

I subbed today and I had a really busy class. The boys and I took the time to go by and vote, but when I got home I was wiped out. Tanner and I were sitting on the couch talking about his day and somehow we began talking about McAlisters. He ran and got the take out menu and picked out what he wanted and I picked out what I wanted. He asked Todd to pick out what he wanted and called Donald at work. It was decided we were having McAlister's for supper. Tanner looked at me and said, "O.K. if I order?"

O.K. if he orders? He is six years old!! I couldn't say no. Go ahead, Tanner. He sounded like a little man. He looked up the number, told them he wanted a pick up for Germany and told them what we all wanted. When he hung up he called Donald and said, "O.K., Dad, our supper will be ready for pick up at McAlister's for pick up in 20 minutes."

Oh, yea, this is the life!!

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