Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday

Last Sunday we had a foot washing as part of our Sunday School lesson for our kindergarten class. At first they weren't sure what to think. Some of them didn't want to take part. We told them that was o.k. because the disciples didn't want to take part either. We explained to them that people wore flip flops and when they arrived at someone's house their feet were very dirty. Washing their feet was a way to say "Welcome to our Home". It was a gift.

It isn't very often that people refuse to accept a gift, but for some reason people regularly turn their back on the many gifts that God has given them. Never again will we receive a gift that requires the sheer amount of personal sacrifice that was required of Jesus to grant us the gifts of salvation and hope.

Another part of our Sunday School lesson was giving our kids each a small nail to show them what was used in the crucifixion. I loved the quote that came with these "spikes":

"Nails didn't hold Jesus to the cross. It was his love that held him there."

Easter... what a gift.

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