Sunday, November 9, 2008

Review: The Chronological Study Bible

I am a Bible "scribbler". As I study, listen to sermons or discover new words from God, I write notes in my Bible. Because of this habit, I find it necessary to purchase a new Bible occasionally so that I can study fresh and new. If I don't do this then I will find myself studying the same things over and over in the same way.

The Chronological Study Bible appealed to me when sent to me by the Thomas Nelson family because it was presented in chronological order or rather, the historical order in which they actually happened. Because of my historically challenged mind, I was anxious to dig into the Bible and read things in this perspective.

As soon as I opened the Bible, I was immediately drawn in. This is what a Study Bible is supposed to be.

Some of the features which I found incredible were:

  • New King James Version - I am very picky about the versions I ready and study so I was very glad that this study Bible arrived in NKJV.
  • The top of each page is labeled with the time periods.
  • "Time Capsule" boxes give you newspaper type headlines of historical events.
  • Everything is arranged in chronological order which means this isn't the Bible you want to take to church, but when you are ready events, such as the birth of Jesus, you have all of the accounts in one place.
  • I loved how visually pleasing the entire Bible is not only in the layout, but in all of its illustrations, maps, and pictures of artifacts.
  • Explanation of world history and culture
  • "Daily Life Notes" which explained how people lived in Bible times

Understanding the culture, history and being able to read things in chronological order made so many more things fall into place for me.

I would highly recommend this Bible for anyone in your life who needs a study Bible, who loves history or has never explored the Bible from this perspective.


Felicity said...

That's really interesting! I didn't understand the difference between them all - I use NIV right now, but will look at others when I get more 'fluent'.

Willow said...

You read my mind! I had looked at these but didn't know anyone who had used one so I didn't know if they were effective study tools or not. Studly's gonna roll his eyes at me getting another Bible (I already have 3 or 4) but actually I like having them kind of spread all over the house so that there's one handy wherever in the house I feel inspired to read and study. I'm a KJV kinda girl, wonder if the NKJV is very different?

Dr. Wifey said...

i recently bought hubby the archeological Bible and he loves it - lots of history notes

Deanna said...

I have that one too, Wifey!

Carrie said...

Take 2 on this comment. Blogger ate the one I wrote before.

I clearly need to spend a little more time at the Christian bookstore. I haven't gone there much in the last year or so. I haven't even heard of the chronological or the archaelogical one Wifey mentioned! I think I'd really dig the arch. one!

Anonymous said...

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