Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Am Longing...

I love the group, Sierra. I don't even know if they are a group any more, but the words of their music just pull me into a spirit of worship.

Lyrics to this song:

So quick to anger
And so rarely slow to speak
My best intentions
Pick the worst of times to leave
Lord, make me stronger
Help me stand up to the test
I want to give my all
Instead of just what's left

I am longing
For a heart like Yours
Full of goodness
Faithful, pure
Leading a path
Straight to Heaven's door
I am longing
For a heart like Yours

The robes of mercy
Are what broken people need
But chains of judgment
Seem to come more easily
Lord, take this pride
That's always standing in my way
So I can see a different world
Through eyes of grace


RT said...

Good song. I have one of their CD's or cassettes around here somewhere, and I haven't listened to it in ages. Thanks for reminding me of them. :)

Anonymous said...
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