Friday, July 18, 2008

After Surgery Update on Andy

The surgeons removed a 2-inch Russian made bullet from Andy's neck. It shattered at least one vertebrae in his neck. He has some feeling and movement in his hands and arms, but at this moment he does not feel his legs.

They will be moving him to Walter Reed Medical Center as early as Sunday and as late as Tuesday.

Our latest update also told us that there were twelve other guys in the same attack as Andy who died. We are crushed at this news.

Please be praying for Andy, his family and all of his military family.


Willow said...

Deanna, I am so sorry to hear this -- both about Andy and the others who were with him and lost their lives. My prayers continue for all of them, their families and friends.

Melissa said...

My prayers will be with Andy and his fallen comrades.