Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Turns out my "to do" list was a little ambitious for Saturday so we knocked off early afternoon and headed to the pool after everyone promised that we would work this week on finishing it. Yesterday the boys and I knocked a few things off the list. The boys gladly took care of scrubbing down the front porch and front porch furniture. I am hoping that the furniture and porch got as much water on it as the boys got on them. Since it was the most dreaded and hated chore, I tackled the million doors in our house... all of them with a hundred grooves. If we ever move, one of the things at the top of my list to check for is doors, cabinets and moldings without a jillion little grooves. Do you know how much dust collects in those little grooves? Cleaning all those grooves is an entire day's work. I am so glad that is over for a little while.

While I was cleaning I ran across the list I made while we were running errands. I have to get a B12 shot every two weeks and it usually requires a little wait. The boys usually pack their Nintendos and a book or two to pass the time. They were playing Animal Crossing together in the backseat and I was completely entertained listening to them talk as they played their game. I wrote down everything that I remembered them saying and I wish I could have remember more of what they said, but I was trying to drive while listening. Quite a feat for someone who can't walk and chew gum! (Yes -- I am a klutz!)

Don't go down the white pipe... there are brown things down there.

Where did you find an axe? I need an axe!

Yo, dude! Over here!

I'm going to see if I can go pay off my mortgage. (And who says video games aren't educational?)

Don't be Johnny Raincloud!

I'm looking for money in these trees. Like that is totally realistic.

I am not annoying. I am being annoyed. Big difference.

I'm going to crush you like the little bug you are.

Mom, I think it is time for me to read more of the s-e-x book. (I think I ran a red light on that one!)


black betty said...

i can't walk and chew gum either...plus, i trip on carpet! oh yeah...

Sandi said...

It's always fun to listen to kids when they don't realize you're paying attention. LOL

From the Doghouse said...

OK, what book have they been reading?!?!?!

Deanna said...

Lintball Leo's Not So Stupid Questions About Your Body by Walt Larimore

Felicia said...

Alyssa loves Animal Crossing! Fun game.

Deanna said...

So when you come to Ridgeland she needs to bring it so the boys can hook up and play together!

Willow said...

I have to say that I am glad you didn't make it through that whole list the other day -- I would have had to hate you! My to-do list is always ongoing with the most urgent (like tomorrow the kids will be naked so I gotta do laundry) going to the top. Some of the things on the bottom never get done! So, since you're so organized, ya wanna come help me?

The s-e-x book? And you only ran a light? Good for you! I'd have crashed the car probably!

I really enjoy your blog.

BTW, I eavesdrop on my kids all the time. They consistently amaze me.