Thursday, July 3, 2008

Food for your Boo Boo

Black Betty just wrote a post about her daughter needing band-aids when she got hurt. I couldn't believe it because I wrote the following this past weekend after my son and I ran across these.

I have boys. Getting scrapes and cuts is part of their job. Having band-aids is part of my job. When they were really little they used to love cool band-aids: Spiderman, Sponge-Bob, Smiley Faces, even tattoo band-aids. Now they like them, but they don't care as much as long as they don't hurt when you pull them off.

I still keep some cute band-aids in the cabinet for when some of our smallest friends come over. I know that a cute band-aid makes even the toughest boo-boo feel better, but somehow I don't think I could ever convince my boys or any of our kids to wear any of these. Food as band-aids???

Burn yourself cooking breakfast? Bacon and eggs (band-aid)?

I have heard of putting a steak on a black eye, but a beef band-aid?

Bacon strip band-aids?

The only way I'm coming close to sushi is to wear it.
Not eating it!!


Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

I love the Bacon & Egg's it makes me hungry. I would wear them to freak out the kid's, and I would make them wear the sushi cause they refuse to eat it.

Alice said...

Did you make those up or can you buy them? I LOVE THEM!!!

Tanner said...

I want these, Mom!!

Deanna said...

These are real band-aids! We saw them when we were looking on some crazy website.

Sorry, T... you are just going to have to stick with plain old Band-Aids... but I'll draw you some eggs on it if you want. Ha!

black betty said...

the bacon ones are AWESOME!!!