Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pet Peeves

Everybody has pet peeves. I have always thought I am a particularly quirky person with a lot of pet peeves until I typed in pet peeves under Google and realized that people can really vent when it comes to this subject. Everything from cell phones to dirty children in Wal-Mart. At least my peeves feel a little more normal after reading some of those lists. Here goes:

People who don't buckle up their children. This has caused my family more than one embarassing moment because not only does it bug me, but I have no problem telling someone that they should buckle up their child. I also have no problem taking down your tag number and reporting you to the police if you don't have your child buckled. Why? I have been in an emergency room when a Dad came in who thought it would be fun to ride around the neighborhood with his daughter riding on his lap. Do you know what a five year old looks like after she has been used as an air bag for her Dad? She is not pretty with a steering wheel implanted in her abdomen.

People who can't park. How hard it is to park between those two little white lines? The worst offenders... at the DMV getting their license renewed. Seriously!! (Speaking of parking: If you can't find a parking space a few years ago my MIL reported that she found a delightful safe covered parking spot at her local Wal-Mart. She said it was a somewhat tight squeeze, but was so excited about it since it had side rails and she knew how upset FIL would be if anyone scratched the paint on the car. Most people know it as the buggy collection station, but apparently if you are in a pinch....)

Smoking people driving around with their children in the car with the windows rolled up! GRRRRRRR!! Yes, you can smoke... all you want. Please don't slowly kill your children while you are doing it... anymore than you already are.

Men who don't cut their fingernails. Just a hygiene thing for me, but I think it is totally gross for a man to have fingernails longer than me. A friend of mine had really long nails and he said it was so he could play guitar better. Buy a guitar pick!

The fact that I can't belly laugh or sneeze since having two children without possibly wetting my pants. I can't figure out if this is a pet peeve or a huge annoyance. Either way it is really embarassing since my boys crack me up! (Sorry... that was TMI wasn't it?!)

After reading this I realize a lot of my pet peeves involve the car. Do you think I have pent up road rage?

What are your pet peeves?


mayberry said...

Oh girl. It would take too long. You picked a good day to ask though. At my office, we have meetings on a very regular basis. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't RSVP - especially when it's a lunch meeting and I have to know how many I have to get food for. It just blows my mind when people call or show up at the last minute like it's no big deal! It IS a big deal to whoever is trying to make the preparations. Inconsiderate, the-rules-don't-apply-to-me people. That's my pet peeve.

Dr. Wifey said...

my biggest pet peeve is when slow people drive in the left lane and will not get out of my way!

black betty said...

wifey, you're probably talking about my husband...boy, we fight when he drives!!! AGH!!!

#1 - people who don't use a blinker.

#2 - people who are late...constantly

#3 - people who promise to do something but never do it...habitually and with no valid excuse.

...i could go on, but those are the worse. good post!!! :)

From the Doghouse said...

Sigh; where to begin ...

Wyatt Earp said...

Biggest professional pet peeve: drivers who won't get out of the way of a police car/fire engine on its way to an emergency call.

Kids, when you see the lights and hear the sirens, get the Hell out of the way!!!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Well like Mayberry it would take a blog for me to vent, but I will vent about my favorite place "wal-mart" which I find myself in more then normal. I wanted to get some pepper-spray for protection which is another blog, but anyway where do you go for weapon of choice of course Wal-mart. I go to the hunting/fishing dept. you know where all the guns, knifes, and etc are sold. well I ask the young man behind the counter if they sold said of spray, He looked appalled at me. Like I was some kind of Criminal. Now mind you this is the Same Man who just got finished showing a knife to a elderly man and his grade school grandson... Really!!! What is going on??? I get the second degree but of said grade school boy get a gun and knife show.... ok sorry I did rant to much... :) have a nice day thanks for stopping by ..

K Storm said...

I have a few pet peeves:

Failure to return the buggy to the designated spot in the parking lot is close to the top. That is just lazy.

Writing signs but misuse punctuation. I really hate it when the mix the cent mark with the decimal. (.99 cents) I think by 2nd grade the kids learn that the $ is used with the decimal.

Stacey said...

It makes me so mad when I see people smoking in their cars with their kids. Seriously, like I'm angry for an hour or so afterwards. My parents gave no thought to smoking around me, and I had bronchitis TWICE a year and once I had pneumonia. I also had asthma... all of that disappeared as soon as I moved out of their house. I had to fight with my dad to roll the window down and even then, he'd only roll it down far enough to maybe put a piece of paper through.

I've strongly considered talking to my senator about introducing a bill making it illegal to smoke in a car with children under 18. If they can't smoke willingly when they're under 18, why can their parents force them to inhale secondhand smoke?

This is one of my biggest soapbox items. LOL I'll step down now and stop monopolizing your comments page.

Jocasta said...

As with mayberry - Inconsiderate, the-rules-don't-apply-to-me people.

Great blog!

Sandi said...

Long nails on men are just nasty. Nail clippers are only 66 cents at the Kroger. Buy some. Seriously.

Deanna said...

Mayberry - On my last child's party invitation I put "don't call me... I'll call you!" because I was so fed up with RSVP's.

Wifey - My husband doesn't drive slow, but he drives in the left lane until the last second and then tries to make his exit... it is like a NASCAR move or something. O.K. add that to my list of pet peeves.

Black Betty - Constantly late people... my sister is one of those (and if you are reading this, sis, you know you are!!)

Wyatt - You have got to be kidding me? NOT get out of the way? I hate it when people don't pull over for a funeral. That is just disrespectful!!

MS Mom - how did I know your pet peeve was going to be about Wally World?

K - Those loose buggies always wind up rolling into the side of my van.

Stacey - If you wind up going to your senator and want some back up, give me a call. That burns me up (no pun intended). Out of all the stupid bills they pass (like adopting a state kilt!!), they should seriously consider this one.

Jacosta - Why are there so many of those people around?

Deanna said...

Sandi - I'll give them mine... just clip those gross things!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

People chewing ice

People who walk down the center of the isle in the parking lot and won't move over so you can get past them.

People who ask me how long someone is going to be on the phone...

Stacey said...

I'm sorry, did you just say that there is a state kilt? For the state of Mississippi?