Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Boy's Love

A boy's love is when he walks past you supposedly with the intention of carrying his sleepover items to his bedroom and all of a sudden whacks you with his pillow and says with his cutest mischievious grin, "Want to pillow fight, punk?"

(FYI... "punk" is not being disrespectful. It is a term we use when we proclaiming a wrestling match.)


Veggie Mom said...

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Melissa Lee said...

Hey, you say "punk" - we say "idiot". It's a term of affection around our house. So no explanation needed.

Thanks for stopping by today and visiting me. I appreciate it.

And I LOVE Works for Me Wednesday...but unfortunalty nothing ever works for me so I have yet to be able to participate. :)

Melissa at Stretch Marks

TONYA said...

I just spat on my computer screen LOL. Well at least punk sounds a shade better than dude, which is what I get called LOL

Miss Mud Puddle said...