Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Smile Award

Oh! I'm just grinning ear to ear because Hot Tub Lizzy sent me an award today. It is the one you see above -- A Smile Award! What a great way to end a Terrific Tuesday. One of the fun parts about this award is now I get to share it with five blog friends too!

These are the rules:
1. The recipient must link back t0 the award's creator (http://www.thebabblingsofmere.blogspot.com/)
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere.
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.
Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude. (not necessarily at all times--we are all human)
2. Must love one another
3. Must make mistakes
4. Must learn from others
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world
6. Must love life
7. Must love kids
Do you know how hard it is to choose only five blogs???
1. Tonya - This is one amazing chic. She is an army wife and she is on the go with twins in tow! She also has a teenage son thrown in the mix which makes for days of adventure and nights of exhaustion! Just reading her 100 things to do list makes me feel like a slacker!
2. K Storm - K is more than a blogger, she is a friend. We share a lot of the same heart desires like the pursuit of the happiness of our husband, kids and God.
3. Sandi - I am really looking forward to having lunch with Sandi in a few weeks to sit and chat. Sandi just epitomizes the Smile Award.... Have you ever heard her say anything less than optimistic??
4. Doghouse - Who is doghouse? I don't know his "real" name, but I will tell you that there is nothing more appealing than a guy who adores his kids (and I say that respectfully since I am very happily married)! I love how Doghouse smiles all over his blog when he talks about his kids and wife!
5. Sara - Want to meet the Southern Martha Stewart? Meet Sara! Cute as a button and so are her kids! She can cook, craft, decorate, help her parents build a home, keep two blogs and be a Mom, all with a smile on her face.... hear her roar!
(I am with you Lizzy... I may have to create my own award! This was too fun!!)


Sandi said...

Aw ... thank you so much!!
You get the "Good Mama" award. Your boys are real gentlemen, and it's evident from your blog that you spoil them with love. :)

Deanna said...

Thanks, Sandi! I definitely love them.

K Storm said...

You love me...you really love me! Thanks! I will strive to live up to this award and pass it on.

From the Doghouse said...

Aw, (sniff), I'm touched! Yeah, some people usually add "in the head," but that's another post ...

I appreciate it - and I think you rock!

Miss Mud Puddle said...

SWEET! Sandi and Doghouse really are deserving bloggers!

TONYA said...

Wow, thank you so much. You are so sweet. I'll post about it tonight.

You rock!