Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Update on Andy

Andy arrived at Walter Reed Army Medical in Washington DC on Sunday afternoon around 4:30 and Sarah was holding his hand by 5:30 pm. He is receiving round-the-clock care in the surgical ICU. He has quite a few problems which are going to have to be addressed, but Sarah said the main problems which they are focusing on right now are:

fever - His fever has been on an up and down path since he has arrived. Where there is fever there is infection and Andy doesn't need that.

bullet fragment - There is still a fragment in Andy's spinal column. They are trying to determine a course of action but it is unlikely that they will try to remove it. More likely is another surgery to try to stabilize the spine.

cough - Because Andy doesn't have muscle control below his armpits, Andy is really having a hard time coughing which means that anything that is in his lungs wants to stay there.

emotions - Even while Andy is dealing with his own physical problems, he is constantly seeing his friends being brought in. They are a great source of strength for each other, but he also gets very emotional when they show up.

Andy has kept Sarah very busy asking her take photos of everyone who comes to visit. He has also asked her to help work his arms to keep his muscles working and the blood flowing. Sarah says they have already seen significant improvement in his upper body even since yesterday. They are praising God for every step that they see... big or small!


Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

He is in good hands including God he is on my prayer list.

TONYA said...

It sounds like he's remaining positive about this seeing as he's asking her to do so much. I'd be concerned about him slipping into a depression as so many other's do.

I'm so glad he's made it to the hospital and is hopefully on the road to recovery.

They will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Carrie said...

I am so thankful for the men and women who sacrifice so much to uphold the values of freedom and liberty. Our prayers are with Andy, his family, and all the others in his unit!