Tuesday, April 8, 2008

AR Wall of Famers

We are big readers. All four of us love to read. I am glad really glad because when I start a book I can become engrossed. It makes it a lot easier that we all love to read because when I find one of those books that sucks me in the boys completely understand.

The boys are part of the Accelerated Reader (AR) program at school. At Todd's school you have to read 40 points in a nine week period to achieve "Wall of Fame" status. Since he has been at Highland he has always been on the Wall which amazes me. That is a LOT of reading.

Now that Tanner has gotten old enough to take AR tests, he has set the goal of reading 40 points too. That is a pretty big goal for a 1st grader. Apparently not too big because this past nine weeks he read 70 points.

Here are our two Wall of Famers for the third nine weeks:

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