Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear Donald...

When I was a little girl wearing my slip on my head to pretend I was getting married, I imagined my one day groom.

When I was in elementary school in my best friend and I would play house and chat about our pretend husband who were firefighters away at work while we were cooking supper.

When I was in high school I used to look at all the guys I was surrounded by and how they were treating their girlfriend and I made a list of what to look for in my husband.

When I went to Co-Lin, my bed was right by the window and I would lie there at night saying my prayers. I would find a star and imagine my future husband being able to see that same star and I would pray for you.

The night I met you I had no interest in dating, the thought of marriage or finding my "prince charming". You patiently waited and then one night asked if you could call me. The started our one year journey of dating, friendship and ultimately your asking me to marry you.

Eighteen years later I am still so glad every day that God took the dreams of a little girl and wrapped them up into the amazing man that is you... my husband.

I love you. Always. Forever. With every inch of my heart.

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