Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Living A Waiting Room Sitcom

One of the advantages of growing up with a Dad who has an amazing sense of humor and appreciates the funny side of life is that you begin to see the hilarity in situations that normally wouldn't be funny. This morning was one of those times.

I had a doctor's appointment. This particular doctor is one that I don't see but once a year, but the wait is always the same - LONG. Today was no exception. I arrived, signed in and found a comfortable couch to sit and wait. I brought my usual arsenal of tools for this yearly appointment: a good book, a puzzle book, and my Blackberry.

Not too long after I settled in something strange began to happen. The waiting room began to transform as if I was in a strange sitcom. Almost in a warped waiting room version of "The Office". I was becoming so tickled by the people around me that I began typing a message to some of my friends to distract myself from actually laughing out loud.

Let me describe some of the cast in my waiting room sitcom:

Nail File Girl - She was sitting on the couch with about 12 inches from where I was sitting. She immediately pulled out her nail file and began to furiously file her nails. You would have to understand how badly I hate this sound to know what this did to me. I told myself I could handle it for ten fingers, but apparently it was a nervous habit as she did all ten fingers and started over again!!

Cell Phone Guy - Apparently oblivous to the signs that said "Please be courteous and use cell phones OUTSIDE.", cell phone guy entertained the entire waiting room with his deer hunting stories and talk about an upcoming wedding. The good news? I can now completely gut a deer and if you are attending that wedding there will be plenty of deer sausage.

Pee Woman - O.K. I realize that people are at a doctor's office and are required to do all sorts of things for their visit, but if for some reason you are asked to bring in a urine sample, couldn't you think of something better to bring it in besides a mesh bag? EWWWWW!!!!

Cologne Factory Man - This guy either was a tester for a cologne factory or owns one because he walked in wearing half the factory. If he were ever missing I don't think they would even need K-9 dogs.

Irate Woman - "I don't think so!" was all this woman could say. This lady arrived on the wrong day for her appointment and she was determined that she was going to be seen even though the error was hers. No matter what the receptionist said her answer was "I don't think so!".

After I finally got in to see the doctor I decided that if the networks ever got low on material for a television show they could definitely go sit in my doctor's waiting room. It is a wealth of cast and characters! I know that I certainly entertained my friends over email this morning.

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