Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Song For Everything

Maybe it is hereditary. My Dad did it too.

Today Todd said, "Mom, you have a song for everything!" I couldn't help but laugh.

"Why do you say that, Todd?"

"First you sang this silly "Gloom and Despair" song when you thought I was going to fuss about cleaning my room. Then you sang some crazy "Hop on the Bus, Gus" song when it was time to go get in the car. Then we were eating Flaming Hot Cheetos and you burst into singing the words "Hot Stuff". Do you have a song for everything?"

Before you think I am a bad Mom I only sang those two words to the "Hot Stuff" song. But I am beginning to think Todd is right. The more I think about it I do tend to sing a lot of songs. Words, situations, and phrases tend to trigger songs in my mind.

Like I said before, my Daddy was the same way. He used to sing all these "crazy" songs when we were little. We thought he was the most amazing song writer. We had no idea he was singing songs that he had heard from the radio and from his high school days. We were just three little girls in awe of our amazing Daddy. (We still are.)

The fact that music is such a huge trigger for me now is why we try to surround Todd and Tanner with such a huge collection of positive music now. Skillet, Grits, KJ-52, Disciple, Pillar... might not be my favorite Christian artists but at least I know if they start singing the lyrics to my grandchildren I won't be embarassed.

Unlike me singing "Hot Stuff."

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K Storm said...

Love it!! I like to sing about lots of stuff too!

By the way, tag...look for yourself on the 7 things post at my blog!!