Monday, April 7, 2008

Mississippi is the Land That I Love

"Mississippi is the land that I love.
We've got a whole lot of livin' going on.
We're the cream of the crop!"

I've got all these Mississippi songs running through my head because our school just finished up our Mississippi play. What an awesome play! There is so much history, facts, famous people, places and information packed into this play.

One day as we were practicing I cracked the students up when I told them that I was in the Mississippi play when I was in 4th grade. Boy! That seems like a 100 years ago. I was in the "state dance: the square dance" portion of the play at Warrenton Elementary. My Mom made me this amazing square dancing dress. It had this great petticoat underneath the skirt so that it swung as I danced.

I can't remember what song we danced to, but I do remember that one of the songs we sang was "What a dance do they do, oh my how I'm telling you. They don't need no band. They keep time by clapping their hands. Just as happy as a cow chewing on his cud. It's a treat to beat his feet on the Mississippi Mud!!"

Come to think of it... I think that was the only thing missing from the Mississippi play to make it perfect!! Maybe I'll suggest it for next year. Ha!

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