Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Very Memorable 40th!

Yesterday was a very memorable 40th birthday for me. If that set the tone for how my 40's are going to be... it won't be boring!!

After dropping Tanner off at school I went to Seattle Drip to get my free birthday coffee. It was while picking up this treat that I realized that my driver's license was expiring THAT DAY! So while it definitely wasn't on the plan, after going home and leisurely enjoying my latte' loveliness, I took a trip down to the DMV.

I have definitely decided that there is a reason that the DMV is located so close to the State Crime Lab. Smiles are not a common occurrence. And may I say.... if you can't park between the yellow lines before walking in to take your driver's test or get your license renewed then they should really rethink your whole license possibility? Of ALL the places to consider parking CORRECTLY!! Anyway... when I walked in I pulled #18 just as they were calling #80. After observing the 50 "No cell phone." signs on the wall I turned mine off and pulled out my book. A gentleman came in an sat beside me and explained how he had a wreck that morning and discovered that his license was expired. As we were chatting, I told him that in the 45 minutes that I had been there I had decided that the "D" in "DMV" did not stand for "department", it stood for "detention". He said that he worked for a state agency that was studying the possibility of moving the entire place off of Woodrow Wilson. "Where, I asked?" With a straight face he said, "Whitfield."

I burst out laughing!!! Finally he grinned and said, "Seriously. Not the hospital. Just to Whitfield." I grinned back, "Best line I've heard all day!!"

After getting my mug shot, I went to meet my friend who was treating me to lunch. We decided to eat on the patio so her little girl and my Tman could play. We no sooner got seated when the wind started blowing. Then the tornado sirens went off. We grabbed our food and headed inside. We barely made it inside and into the back of the restaurant before the tornado went straight over the top of the restaurant. Of course, while all the women and children are safely in the back, where are the men? Standing right in front of the windows, gawking and talking on their cell phones giving play by play description of the tornado as it makes it way down the street! I told my friend that I really didn't need such dinner entertainment. Lunch was really sufficient! Ha!

She invited me to go with her to her son's middle school to watch the talent show. When we got there she found out that one of the judge's couldn't make it because of the weather so she asked me to fill in. Tanner and I got a front row seat as judges. So much fun. Tanner took a few photos for me during the competition.

We got soaking wet going back to the car so we went straight home for dry clothes and to wait for Donald and Todd to come home from their field trip to Memphis. While waiting we discovered that my sisters and fams had no electricity so we invited everyone over for an impromptu slumber party.

We threw all the "stuff" into the appropriate spots, ran a broom over the kitchen floor and Donald went to Fresh Market for fruit so we could have fondue. By 6:30 our house was full of giggling, chatting and fun having family.

It was the perfect ending to a very memorable 40th birthday!

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