Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys!

Yesterday I was eating lunch with a class at an elementary school and was surrounded by a group of girl. Part of the lunch menu were those Welch's fruit popsicles.

About ten minutes after sitting down one of the boys walks up and says, "Mrs. Germany, my lips are frozen."

"Well, you are eating popsicles and they are made of ice. I'm sure that they are cold. Eat something else for a while."

When he walked off the girls rolled their eyes and said, "DUH!!" and started giggling. That started a whole conversation among the girls about how girls are smarter than boys. Let me say that I don't normally endorse or even allow this type of conversation especially considering I have two pretty smart sons at home, but after after a few minutes even I had to agree with these girls. We barely ate our lunch from all the laughter at lunch.

Reasons #1 Girls Are Smarter Than Boys: Girls never staple their fingers as a form of entertainment. (Apparently earlier in the year, several of the boys in this class had wondered how that would feel and even after the first boy had done it AND had had to go to the office because it started bleeding, several more tried it!)

Reason #2 Girls Are Smarter Than Boys: Girls don't take the popsicle out of the package, stand there holding it in their hands and stand there saying "My hands are freezing!" (Yes, one of the boys was standing there looking at me saying this and wondering what to do -- as if it never occurred to him to PUT IT DOWN.)

Reason #3 Girls Are Smarter Than Boys: Girls realize that the paper on the popsicle is there to keep your hands from getting sticky. (After said boys sat there and ate their popsicles with their hands, then they wanted to complain about having sticky hands. Again... DUH!)

This class cracked me up. My stomach was actually sore from laughing when I got home. The boys although not using a lot of common sense eating popsicles were actually smarter than they wanted those girls to know. They kept them laughing and kept them entertained which is all they wanted to do to begin with.

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Sara said...

Kids definitely keep you young with laughter!