Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Simple Life (Part 1)

1. I have lived my whole life in Mississippi -- the majority of it in the rolling historic hills of Vicksburg.

2. Growing up I thought running the hills of the Vickburg Military with a kite and having a picnic were the best summer fun that could be had.

3. My Dad worked at Waterway Experiment Station and he used to take us to see all the models of the Mississippi River, Niagara Fall, erosion model, and all the cool things that WES researches. We would drove on and off the station all the time to visit my Daddy just because we wanted to see him. It makes me sad that because of the terrorist's alert, you can't even drive through the gates anymore.

4. My Mom through the best birthday parties for us... in our backyard. She invited our friends over. She made our cake. We always had fun and it never involved a space jump. How is that possible?

5. When my parents built our house the road was gravel and we were one of only a handful of houses. My Mom tells me that I used to drive my tricycle up and down the road. If you did that now you would get run over by all the traffic.

6. My sister and I played with Barbies. We didn't have the house, cars and all the accessories. We had something better than that. Imagination and cinder blocks. We would stack those cinder blocks up and make Barbie condos. It didn't matter to us that we had to lay our Barbies sideways so that her head and feet stuck out each side, we had a ball.

7. Going to get the mail each day was a big event. We loved it when the Sears Catalog would come because that one catalog would provide hours of dreaming and entertainment. We could look through the clothes and toys. When summer came Mom would give us the shoe boxes from our Easter shoes and let us cut that Sears Catalog to decorate our shoe boxes as our dream houses. We would pick out furniture, curtains, beds, rugs.... everything we needed to make our dream home.

8. We did not have cable or VCR. We had three channels: 3, 12 and 16 and if we were lucky channel 29. My sister and I would really get upset if my parents decided to take a trip to see family on the weekends because it meant we had to miss our treasured cartoons. Saturday is the only time they came on!!

9. Speaking of television... we did not have a remote. We were the remote. Get up walk over switch the station whenever Dad said so.

10. The Supper Table is like an extra room at my parent's house. I can't even begin to count the hours that were spent sitting at that little table in my parent's kitchen after the meal had been finished sitting there talking about the day. My Dad has a gift for being the antagonist. I think sometimes he did it to stretch out our time at the table together. In the process he taught all three of us girls how to argue for and defend ourselves. Thank you, Dad!

More Simple Life later...

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