Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just Finished Reading: False Witness (LOVED IT!)

I love finding book that both Donald and I can read. Randy Singer is one of Donald and my favorites. He has a Christian Grisham style. I think this book is definitely his best. I was gripped from the first page and could barely put it own... same thing for Donald.

Description: Staring into the eyes of a bulky car owner holding a gun, repossession artist and bounty hunter Clark Shealy doesn't think his day can get much worse. A few hours later he changes his mind when his dangerous bounty hunting quarry knocks him out and puts him back in his car with a cell phone. On that cell phone, Clark receives a message from the Chinese Mafia who have kidnapped his wife, Jessica. Unless Clark finds, within 48 hours, an elusive Chinese mathematical genius in Las Vegas who has created an encryption algorithm that would allow the takeover of the Internet, Jessica will be tortured and killed.Four years later, Jamie Brock thinks the worst problem in her life is putting up with archaic Professor Walter Snead in her Criminal Procedures class at Southeastern Law School. Words with talented and eloquent fellow-student, Isaiah Haywood, over his treatment of nineteen-year-old nerdy genius, Wellington "Casper" Farnsworth, don't help. After she meets David Hoffman at her legal aid clinic, Jamie's life deteriorates fast with David's disappearance from court minutes before his hearing on a minor charge during an automobile repossession. Within hours Jamie's black lab, Snowball, disappears. Jamie gets a call that someone has found him and she is kidnapped. Then the kidnappers threaten her and Snowball if she doesn't help them find David Hoffman. While trying to protect Hoffman, she, Isaiah, Casper, and Professor Snead are thrown into an unlikely alliance against the FBI, the Federal Marshals, the Witness Protection Program, and the Chinese Mafia. The Chinese Mafia wants the Abacus Algorithm so badly that they will kill to get it, but will the US government be just as ruthless to gain the algorithm? Is there anything the little people in the way can do to maintain their integrity and save their lives?


Notebooks said...

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donald said...

I agree, this is a great book.. I really enjoyed it.. It was hard to put down..

Deanna said...

Good news! His next book: By Reason of Insanity is coming out very soon!!