Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cooking Therapy

When I am nervous I cook. It doesn't have to be fancy food. Just cook to take my mind off my nerves. Apparently I have been really nervous because my refrigerator is now packed with enough food to carry us through the rest of the week which was quite a feat since I didn't think we had any groceries in the house.

I can't say that there is anything tragic or devastating going on in my life. Just a lot of little things that has my schedule busy. One of my family members is having some surgical procedures which has me nervous. Some obvious tension in some relationships that I don't know how to handle. Ball practices and games. On top of all of this is some summer fever.

So... instead of sit and stew over all this little things I get in the kitchen and start banging pots and pans. Two hours later and I have made penne pasta spaghetti, a copykat of Chili's skillet queso, crockpot salsa steak, and sausage cheese muffins.

I have the same issues, but I feel better. Kitchen therapy. It works for me.

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