Monday, April 21, 2008

Fashion Police I Am Not, BUT...

When you can see "cheeks" hanging, it is definitely time to retire those shorts from your wardrobe. Let me say it was definitely her butt that was hanging out her too short shorts today in Walgreens. It didn't even take a double take to confirm. I just turned around and tried to redirect my son's young eyes before they could notice her strutting her... stuff... down the aisle.

This wasn't even a girl. This was a woman that was about my age. However, I wouldn't even let my daughter wear those shorts (if I had a daughter).

Somehow there just has to be a level of modesty - no matter your age.

Seeing your 'hiney all bright and shiney just doesn't cut it although it did work as a great appetite suppressant.

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Sara said...

Gross! And it's even worse when middle-aged ladies wear shorts that are so short and have words written across the behind like "Juicy." Like Jeff Foxworthy says, "if the back of your legs looks like the hood of a White Cadillac after a hail storm---you are not JUICY!" HA!