Thursday, April 3, 2008

Front Door Guest

Last night someone knocked on our front door about 7:00. That was a little unusual. The only person who ever knocks on our front door is the UPS man and never at 7:00.

Donald had just walked in the back door from a baseball coach's meeting. He walked straight through to the front door and went to see who was there. I heard him greeting someone and I heard a voice I recognized, but couldn't quite place. You know how you see someone you know you should recognize, but they aren't in the place you are used to seeing them at so you don't know who they are? That is how it was with this voice. I knew I should know this voice, but it wasn't in the right place.

As soon as I saw our friend round the corner, Todd, Tanner and I jumped up and went running to hug and say hello. This was no ordinary visitor or friend, but one of our closest friends who now lives in Atlanta. He was in Ridgeland last night on business and had snuck away to come and see us for a little while. If he hadn't been with his boss we would have insisted he stay with us for the night, but we cut him some slack since his boss was with him. But that is the only reason!

We enjoyed catching up and hearing all about what is going on at their house. Their new addition to their family -- a puppy. How the kids are doing. School. Jobs. All the usual stuff.

Having friendships like this is rare and having unexpected visits in the middle of a busy week is a treasure!


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