Monday, September 15, 2008

This Mama Lion is M.A.D.

Angry. Enraged. Riled. Rampageous. Irate. Provoked. Indignant. Irked. Threatened. Mad. Distraught. Furious. Livid. Outraged. Fuming. Ticked. Resentful. Incensed. Fit to be Tied. Annoyed. Bruised.
No. I still can't find a word that adequately describes the amount of pure, raw, fury that is running through my veins at this moment.
I have tried praying about this, but at this moment? My prayers are bouncing off the ceiling because my heart is not even in the right place. God knows that right now the only thing I want to do is hurt someone the way they hurt my child today.
Let me explain something to you. You can hurt me, talk about me, give it your best... whatever you want. I am an adult. But if you intentionally hurt my child, you have entered into the point of no return. This Mama Lion will expose her claws.
My heart is not right. I know it. God knows it. I have until the morning to work it out. But right now? All I want to do is ROAR!!!


Sandi said...

It's a certain kind of low when an adult hurts a child. Don't blame you for being mad!

Conservative Belle said...

Don't beat yourself up over your reaction. That's what moms do.

I can remember when I was probably around 7 or 8, my mom worked part-time and I had a babysitter during the summer when mom was at work. Some neighborhood kids came over and then when I said something about being adopted (I had no idea it was something 'unusual'), they laughed and mocked me. Even the babysitter laughed.

I was devastated, locked myself in the bedroom and called my mom at work hysterically crying. My mom came home and met with the parents of each of those kids and insisted each one of them apologize to me. And then she reassured me.

Moms do right by their children but I'm sure my mom wanted to rip their eyeballs out for that. God will give you the mercy you need to handle things. :)

Willow said...

Deanna -- God Himself gave us moms those protective instincts so don't fret about your heart not being right. Just pray (and I know you already are) that when it comes time to deal with the situation that your protective instincts take a back seat and let the Lord put the words in your mouth. Personally, I think if an adult (and you didn't say it was an adult but it seems so) hurts a child emotionally, physically, whatever, there is no lower low than that. Prayers going with you as you march to do battle for your kid.

From the Doghouse said...

Deep breaths. And think long term.

K Storm said...

I'll be praying for you. I am the same way...cross my child and the steam starts pouring out my ears. God has to put a muzzle on me.

Buzzard Roost Babe said...

Love is not easily angered. It never said it did not get angry. God gave you your child, and it is your God given duty to stand up for your child. Unless you have been told by God to sacrifice your own son like he did for you. You have the duty to stand up against those who mistreat your child. This world is full those who cares little for others. I am praying for you , but I pray for those you are about to confront. I know your heart is in the right place, but those you confront need God to touch them . Only he can soften the hearts of man, and convict them of our wrong doing. Pray for your enemies! God commands it.

Buzzard Roost Babe said...

Sorry ment to say, " Only God can soften the hearts of man, and covict them of their wrong doing." May God bless you today !

HEATHER said...

Deanna, I will be praying for you.
I hope that you are able to share with us what has happened. I hope the boys are alright.